Friday, December 27, 2013

Use your old router as a Switch or use your router as a Switch to increase your wifi range

Was faced with a perplexed problem. In order to increase the wifi range at my home had been working with a couple of Wifi Routers with quite some time now.

The first router was ADSL Wifi Router which was provided by my ISP (Airtel) in this case. The second one was a Netgear router which I had bought from Flipkart for 1.5 K.

The initial setup was that I had setup 2 NAT subnets at my place. The first one was setup by the ADSL Wifi router in the series 192.168.1.X and the second one was setup via my Netgear router with 192.168.2.X

But two different subnets did mean, connectivity issues between PC's on the network. So what i really did was to convert the second router as a Switch by simply plugging in the cable from the first router in one of the output ports of the second router (instead of the input port) and voila.. it worked :-)

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