Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rock on!!! really rocks....

"Meri Laundry Ka Ek Bill.... Ek Aadhi Padi Novel..." with lyrics like these I was expecting a dud movie from a talented person like Farhan Akhtar. But man I was surely proved wrong, big time.

To begin with the music for Rock On was nothing more than loud glaring music, but after watching the movie i have really started loving the music. In addition the real hero of the movie is the music and Farhan Akhtar - the singer.

In a nutshell the movie is all about a band of four people who decide to reunite after a long gap of ten years to bring back their magik (the name of their band). Adi (Farhan Akhtar) is the lead singer of the band, Joe (Arjun Rampal) is the lead guitarist , Purab is the lead drummer and Lenny is on the keyboard. The movie can truly be called a band movie in which the music plays a very crucial role and Farhan Akhtar really rocks in the 7 of 9 songs which he has sung in the album.

Another revelation in the movie is Arjun Rampal for whom this is by far the best performance of his career. He fits into the role of the real guitarist really smoothly and performs to excel. Prachi Desai who debuts with this movie also does a great job , but it still remains to be seen that how well is she able to perform in a typical "heroine" role.

Being a Hindi movie the movie has its set of cliches also esp. the one at the end but overall these minor problems don't negate the overall positive effect of the movie.

All in all this is pretty well made movie and hats off to Shankar Ehsaan Loy for the great music and Abhishek Kapoor for directing such a gem of a movie.

Rating 4/5