Tuesday, October 21, 2008

“Yuvraaj” is just like any other A.R. Rahman’s Album – It really rocks…

A.R. Rahman’s gift for this Diwali is “Yuvraaj” an ambitious musical project by the showmaker Subash Ghai. After not having such a good run lately with his movies Subash Ghai is in a real need for hit, and he couldn’t have had asked for a better start based on the response “Yuvraaj’s” music is getting.

"Main Hun Yaavraj" – Salman Khaan
More than a song this is just Salman Khan churning out some dialogues, to the “Fifth Of Beethoven”, this is something which only A.R. Rahman could have tried and manages to pull it out pretty well. Though Salman’s fake accent needs some correction but overall sounds pretty good.

“Tu Mera Dost Hain” – Benny Dayal, Shreya Ghoshal and A.R. Rahman
This is the song which had been doing round of promos for some time now. A.R. Rahman starts the song and again joins the song at the end giving the song it’s real punch. This song is already a hit and I can well imagine it going up the charts in the weeks to come.

“Tu Muskara” – Alka Yagnik and Javed Ali
After giving “Javed Ali” a dream debut in Jodha Akbar, Javed Ali is back with a soft number. Alka Yagnik as usual has done great with the vocals with Javed Ali also giving in his best. Though this may not become a chartbuster, but is definitely worth a listen.

“Mastam Mastam” – Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Naresh Iyer
This is what I call a truly “Rahman’s” song which has got A.R. Rahman written all over it. Sonu Nigam along with Alka Yagnik have given some great vocals to this song backed by some fun lyrics by Gulzaar sahib. One can imagine this song to be picturized on a feel good situation in a family or something similar. Around 2:40 minutes into the song when the tempo is increased in typical Rahman’s style it gives you a real high, something which only A.R. Rahman can do.

“Zindagi Zindagi” – Srinivas
A slow number from Rahman on the lines of “Tu Hi Re” or “Roja Jaaneman” and boy o boy Srinivas sure does sounds like Hariharan, and in my first listening I definitely thought that I was listening to Hariharan. This is one of the better numbers in the album and watch out for this one once the movie release.

"Dil Ka Rishta" – Sonu Nigam, Roop Kumar Rathod
This is more like a theme music for the movie with some lyrics at the later half of the song. The song is powerful , and takes you altogether in a different world. One of my favorites from the album. At 7 ½ minutes + this is one of the longer songs of album and also one of the most enjoyable.

"Manmohini Morey" – Vijay Prakash
Watch fusion music in it’s full flow with this number. Probably one of the best pieces of fusion I have heard for a long time, and Vijay Prakash’s vocals are something to watch out for – completely in synch with the mood of the song. “Tum tum tana tum tum..” is really catchy.

"Shano Shano" – Sonu Nigam , Srinivas, Kartik
After “Pappu can’t dance” this is another “party” number which would be doing rounds of the various discos in the months to come. For me this is better definitely than “Pappu can’t dance” but honestly speaking you would need some time to love this song. In this first listening I couldn’t love the song , but after a few hearings you wouldn’t be able to leave this song.

"Shano Shano" (Remix) –
Normally I am not too much a fan of remix, but this remix rocks. Adding hip hop to this song really pepped it up, and is definitely worth a listen. This is one of those few songs in which the remix song may outdo the original song. Way to go.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"A Wednesday" movie review

It's been a long time since I have seen a good hindi thriller movie which actually thrills. There have been lots of "Dhooms" on the way but "Wednesday" truly excels in the genre of "Thriller". In a nutshell the movie is all about the happenings of 4 hours on a Wednesday and how it changes the life of the people.

The lead protagonist played by Naseerudin Shah and Anupam Kher as the ACP of Mumbai poilce. Also are Jimmy Shergill has the bad tempered but honest cop and .

This movie again strenthens the fact that Naseerudin Shah is definitely one of the most talented actors Bollywood has ever had. The way he handles his role in the movie you are made to believe that he is actually the person he is depicting on the screen.

Divulging anything more about the movie would spoil the fun in you, but all in all its a great movie which is not to be missed.

Rating - 4/5