Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Airtel Offering "Mobile Office" service to Airtel Prepaid in Delhi. Does it rocks or shocks!!!!!

Airtel finally listened to their prepaid customers and recently started offering "Mobile Office" services to their prepaid customers. Though "Airtel Live" services had been available to Airtel prepaid customers for some time, using which we could access limited internet services through the mobile but there was no way we could access the internet using laptop/desktop using our mobile device.

"Mobile Office" to the rescue. One fine day I got a message from Airtel stating that "Enjoy internet services on your Airtel mobile! Dial *567*1#(free) to activate GPRS. 30 paise for 50kb of download without any monthly rental". Not bad I thought, after this at least I would be able to access gmail on mobile (as it never worked with Airtel Live settings on the mobile.). In addition I thought this might also be used for accessing internet on my mobile during my 2hours + of commute daily (at least for chatting if not for browsing purposes due to bandwidth constraint.

Finally I did activate "Mobile Office" on my mobile, and things worked pretty fine, for a few weeks. But with Airtel you can always expect the unexpected. I suddenly noticed that while i am using the internet on the laptop via the mobile for a data transfer of around 2 MB I was charged Rs 150 instead of being charged around Rs 12. I thought maybe it was an error on my part, so for the next two days i specifically noticed my balance before and after connecting to the internet and below were my findings

For 800 kbs I was charged around Rs.50
For 300 kbs I was charged around Rs.10

Surprised and shocked when i called the customer care (121) and was regularly juggling between their complaint desk (198) and customer care (121). Nobody had a clue what to do, finally one fine guy at the Airtel Customer care did register the complaint and gave me a reference number. Though I am not very optimistic of this issue being resolved in the near future (being Airtel of course) - refund of my balance is obviously out of question. So just wanted to make all of you aware in case you were planning to use "Mobile Office" for connecting to the internet.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ghajini Music Review....

This has been a lucky year for A.R. Rahman fans. Begining with a grand opening in "Jodhaa Akbar" followed by a peppy young album in "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na" alongwith the melodious "Ada". There was no stopping for Rahman with Subash Ghai's magnum opus "Yuvraaj" and finally wrapping up the year with probably the year's most awaited films "Ghajini". For starters being an Aamir Khan movie (and the so popular haircut) , being sold for a record 90 crores even before the release and A.R. Rahman's music made it one of the most sought after movie of the year. So does Rahman does justice to the hype which this movie has managed to create even before it's release ? Read more to find out

Guzarish - Javed Ali, Sonu Nigam (Guest Vocals)
The track begins with a soothing song in the form of "Guzarish". This was the song which was first played in the teasers/promos of Ghajini and really does lives up to the expectations. Javed Ali has done a great job with the vocals with the surprise package being Sonu Nigam, who I believe for the first time has provided his vocals in the background which has really added magic to this song.Lyrics are good an undoubtedly one of the better songs of the album,

Aye Bachchu - Suzanne
To begin with I thought that this was one of the worst song which A.R. Rahman had ever composed and that too for a movie like "Ghajini" was highly disappointing. After a few listenings in typical Rahman's style this turned out to be really addicive and turned out to be favourite in the album. Enjoy the song at high volume to get a feel of this "electric" song with fast beats and liberal use of the "Electric Guitar". I am sure this might turn out to be the song of the movie, once the movie hits the theatre.

Kaise Mujhe - Benny Dayal & Shreya Ghoshal
This slow romantic number of "Ghajini" boasts of some simple but powerful lyrics by Prasoon Joshi. This slow and romantic number grows on you and forms an integral part of this album. Benny Dayal and Shreya Ghoshal look in great form in this song and looks like Rahman's knack of getting the best out of his singers continue.

Behka - Karthik
Visually the most popular song of this album because Aamir Khan features in 5 different looks in the songs and in the end all of them come together. Now this is what i call a typical Rahman song with a lot of freshness. The kind of hip hop beats adds a lot of magic to the song and the best part of the song for me is definitely the segment from 3:58 - 4:08 in which the singer sings in a single breath non stop. Now this is something which only A.R. Rahman can extract from his singers.
In addition from 2:20 - 2:40 the song reminds me of "Maangta Hain Kya" from Rangeela. Karthik has done well with the song and voice blends pretty well with the mood of the song.

Latoo - Shreya Ghoshal
For me this in definitely the weakest link of this amazing album. Looks like a typical situational song with kind of funny lyrics like "Latoo Latoo mein tujhe pe Latoo". Lot of english lyrics thrown in tries to add some punch to this song, but fails. This might catch up once the movie releases.

Kaise Mujhe (Instrumental)
Now there is one thing with A.R. Rahman that at times the instrumental version of the song sounds more powerful than the actual version of the song. "Kaise Mujhe" falls in that category, with just the background music and the background vocals this song is real winner and definitelty one of the high points of the album. Listening to this one would really transform you into a whole new world.

So the final verdict for me this is definitely Rahman's album of the year and his best since "Rang De Basanti", though i still need to hear Rahman's two upcoming albums supoosedly releasing this year "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Connections". Go ahead and grab this album right away.