Friday, February 18, 2011

Unofficial upgrade guide to Android 2.2(Froyo) for Samsung Galaxy 5 (I5003) in India


This is my experience of upgrading Samsung Galaxy 5 I5003 to Android 2.2 (Froyo) release. Before attempting the below steps, kindly understand the risk associated with this. This voids your warranty and may even brick your phone, so kindly do it at your own risk. I have no affiliation to Samsung, Android, XDA or
Do take a backup of all your stuff before performing the update as all data, applications would be wiped off. (The application which you bought on the Android Market, may be downloaded again but again a backup would not harm).

So you bought a shiny new Samsung Galaxy 5 I5003 in India, but are pretty frustrated by the fact that it still ships with Android 2.1 whereas Android 2.2 has been around for around 8 months. In addition to giving a shiny new fast UI Android 2.2 offers 2 new features which all of us are looking forward to
  • Wi-Fi Tethering
  • Ability to install apps on the SD card instead of Phone Memory (which is just around 150 MB for Samsung Galaxy 5 handset).
Not sure about the future of official firmware upgrade from Samsung (as they have a similar priced phone in Samsung Mini launched with Android 2.2), I decided to take the plunge and install a custom Firmware for Android 2.2 on Samsung Galaxy 5. Following is the step by step instructions which I followed
  1. Download and unzipped Odin and Ops file as linked on the forum
  2. Next question was a tricky one, that which firmware should be used for my phone. I started with the Asia version of the firmware (I5508ZNJP3 Android 2.2 - Froyo (Asia)) , but the touch screen would not work on Samsung 5 (I5003) phone in India as it is built for resistive touch screen and not a capacitive touch screen.
  3. Finally I zeroed down on the USA firmware (I5500LUYJP2 Android 2.2 - Froyo (USA)) for which the installation process went pretty smoothly.
  4. Rest of the steps have to be followed as mentioned except Step #2 where we have been told to select multiple files. This is not the case while updating to this firmware as we would just extract a single tar file from this rar file. As a result we need to select “One Package Option” and then select the tar file as the last option (Screenshot to be attached)
  5. Do not forget to do a factory reset after installation is successful by pressing the keys *2767*3855#
  6. After this your language would be set to Spanish, to set it back to English go to “Settings” menu from the home screen and select the 11th option from the top which contains the icon “A” and select the language English. Kindly note that this firmware version does not contain any Indian languages.
Voila you have a shining new Android 2.2(Froyo) running on your Samsung Galaxy 5.

Problems Solved
  1. You can finally install applications on the Memory Card (SD)
  2. Wi-Fi Tethering is built out of the box.
  3. The nasty alarm problem seems to have been solved since the past few days
Bugs in this firmware
  1. The icons for the applications installed on the SD card go away after restart. This can be circumvented by installing an application like “Launcher Pro” from the Android Market Alternatively you could also stop TWLauncher (Samsung Touch Wiz) service from Settings Manage Applications. Once you go back to the home menu, it restarts on it’s own and brings back the lost icons.

  2. Some people have reported the compass to be broken on this firmware, though I haven’t use compass nor do I plan to use it hence can’t confirm this.
Am planning to upload videos, pictures for the same soon.


Anonymous said...

Im a galaxy 5 user, I recently facing problems in my phone as it didnt open the facebook videos where as previously it all works fyn it ask me to open through which app. either through the internet explorer or through youtube n when I click on youtube option the video starts play. But now all of a sudden the youtube option didnt appear whenever I click on any video in facebook...........plz help me out.

The Geeks said...

hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)