Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finally Managed to upgrade my ipod Touch to iphone 2.0 Firmware

After 24 hours of struggle finally managed to upgrade my first generation Ipod Touch to iphone 2.0 firmware which made my waller lighter by $9.95.

With this upgrade came the Januray upgrade to ipod touch free (for which ipod touch users had to shell out $ 19.95). Some of the great enhancements coming up with formware 2.0 support in addiion to the normail January Upgrade (i.e. Stocks, Notes, Email, Google Maps) is

  • Cisco VPN support
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Support for Apps (around 25 % of 500 odd applications available at this time are free. The rest start from 0.95 $ and range upto $40)
  • Out of the host of free Apps availbale on the ipod store the remote seems to be really cool. You can actually control your itunes/Apple TV etc. using the ipod touch over the wireless network. No more reaching for the computer everytime you got to change the track/playlist playing on the itunes.
All in all $ 9.95 are well spent it though the iphone users would be getting this firmware upgrade for free.

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