Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ring Road Honda (Sugoi Motors), Moti Nagar, New Delhi :-( - Feedback regarding servicing of Honda City ZX (Gxi)

After a lot of research I had finally settled for Honda City ZX (Gxi) Anniversary edition with alloys. Its been almost three months since I have been driving the car and touchwood have no problems with the car as is expected from a Honda product. The mileage is excellent, AC supereffective and the drive is real smooth and noiseless.

Unfortuenately the same cannot be said about my experience with getting the car serviced. The first service for the same was due on end April which I took the car to Ring Road Honda (Sugoi Motors), Moti Nagar in almost a brand new condition. I was shocked to receive the car in a dirty condition with all the beige interiors, seat covers being soiled. Had to get the same cleaned in front of my eyes with assurances that this would not happening wasting more than an hour of my time. This was definitely not expected from Honda.

Neverthelss I took my car for second service to Ring Road Honda (Sugoi Motors), Moti Nagar, New Delhi (My second mistake, if i do that again I could probably write a book like "The Three Mistakes Of My Life"), on 22nd June 2008 and this time was for a real big shock. In addition to the seats and interiors being more dirty there were a couple of big scratches in the bumper of the car which were not present before i took the car for service (and the same can be verified on the job sheet where they mark all the scratches). When i brought it to the notice of the concerned people they told me to bring the car another day as it will take one whole day to paint the scratch and then dry it etc. I even talked to the service manager out there all he gave me was the email id and told me to give my feedback over there. All along the way nobody felt the need to apologize and behaved as if they are doing me a great favor by painting the scratch which they had themselves created. In addition this has caused unnecessary trouble for me to take my car to the dealer again for removing the scratch.(And going by my current experience I am sure that i will get a couple of new scratches in addition to the customary dirtying of seats/interiors).

Though I am really Happy with the performance of the Honda City car, but the poor servicing by Ring Road Honda (Sugoi Motors), Moti Nagar, New Delhi is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I was a proud owner of Maruti cars for more than 12 years and had never faced any such problem. So all you people out there just keep this experience in mind before taking your car for service to Ring Road Honda (Sugoi Motors), Moti Nagar, New Delhi

Update June 20th 2008

Thanks Ring Road Honda (Sugoi Motors), Moti Nagar PR personnel called me up and told me to come over one day for getting the scratch cleaned. When asked about who will pay for my commute to and fro to the service station they said as per the policy they are not liable for paying any reimbursement (I guess as per the policy they shouldnt be allowed to put any scratches on the car either ;-)). T service station being approx 10 kms from my home. This means extra expense for me commuting up and down there in addition to being one whole day of the weekend withotu my car. Thanks Ring Road Honda (Sugoi Motors), Moti Nagar, New Delhi.


Krish said...

Hi Vikram,

Great to read your RRH story.

I have had similar experiences with these guys but in Gurgaon - I guess it is DNA of the company. To start with they do not pick up their phones (even mobile phones!).

They have two service outlets in Gurgaon(one of which is for denting and tinkering and the other for service). God forbid if your car needs both a service and a tinkering job - like my car did, you are fish fry.
They act as if the other outlet is a Toyota showroom and let alone send the car over, they would not even call the other.

And in my experience their employees give you either courtesy or effeciency. Usually neither but NEVER both.


Mona said...

Great work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vikram

It was interesting reading about your experience with Honda in ND. I've just bought one from my local dealer in Nicosia, CYprus and I wanted your opinion - I picked it up in a bit of a dusty state, with wet floor mats and no plastic overing on the seats - do yo know if this is usual for Honda to hand over a new car to the customer in this kind of shoddy state? When I asked the salesman about it he just said that they cleaned the car - I noticed now that there are small scratches on the dashboard glass that covers the indicators - I guess Honda will say that the valet did it?? Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks. Marty (from Cyprus)

Anonymous said...


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