Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Apne is watchable

There are just a few hindi movies which i miss watching in the first
couple of weeks and then he ahead to watch it in the third week. Apne
is one such movie and honestly i do not regret this decision. i went
in the theatre not taking with me very high expectations and i came
out quite satisfied.
In short apne is a movie about yesterday s boxing champion (played by
dharmendar) and how he wants his unfulfilled boxing dreams being
fulfilled by his sons (played by bobby deol and sunny deol).
Eventually as expected they come out victorious and give this movie a
happy ending.
The biggest problem with apne is the heavy dose of stereotyping which
this movie exposes us to. Why are the foreigners always cruel and
selfish , and indians always the other way round . In another in the
boxing ring bobby and sunny never actually look like boxers with the
extra kilos of flab on their bodies. In addition the scene in which
bobby's childhood handicap is fixed just by a simple fall on a bench.
This one was real hard to digest. In addition the heroines of the
movie have moving more to do other than just dancing and smiling.
The star of the movie is undoubtedly dharmendra who holds the movie
from the start till the end. Although i have never been a big fan of
dharmendra but have to admit that in this movie he still has enough
charm left to leave the viewer spellbound. Though at times the speech
is not too clear but is manageable.

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