Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Is India actually ready for the expressways ? -- A critical analysis of the newly built Delhi - Gurgaon expressway. Is it a time saver or a life taker ?

From Dhaula Kuan to Gurgaon in 15 minutes, always looked like a dream to be around 5 years back when the construction work on Delhi - Gurgaon NH-8 expressway started. But after 5 years of sand, gruelling traffic jams and almost non existence of proper roads this is almost a reality.
The new expressway which is almost ready now (except a couple of bottlenecks at the border and the Palam T point) is a breather for most of the people who have not option but to commute between Gurgaon and Delhi daily. Agreed that the new expressway has been saving a lot of time for us, but at what cost ?
  1. Before the new expressway was built on an average I used to see 2-3 serious accidents on the highway, this figure has almost doubled now wherein I am easily able to see around 6-7 serious accidents on an average per day.
  2. For almost the complete stretch of the expressway, I couldn't even find a single pedestrian crossing (Except for maybe an underpass below a flyover, but they are separated by kilometers ?). How do the NHAI expect people to cross the roads ? Are we waiting for a tragedy to happen ?
  3. For long stretches on the expressway there have been no lanes drawn out , even after almost a couple of months the expressway has opened.
  4. Although the speed limits in the expressway have been set as 50 for cars, and 40 for trucks & buses both of them never ply below a speed of 80-90 on the same. Maybe they are just planning to be the next schumacher, but what are the traffic cops doing ? Are they too busy doing what they do best ?

I am not prophecising anything or even trying to take the credit away for the excellent expressway we have achieved due to the hard work and struggle (of both the people who were building the same, as well as the people who were commuting during that time.). But all I wanted to communicate is that unless we are more disciplined and educated about using this expressway, instead of reducing the commuting time it might as well reduce our life time.

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Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.