Saturday, October 07, 2006

Some more Pending Reviews

Have been keeping a bit busy lately.. not sure why though.. So below I am posting three pending reviews of movies which I had seen in the past few months as quickly as I can

Pyar Ke Side Effects
"O Pape Pyar karke pachtaaya....," lekin movie dekh ki nahi. Nice & Sweet movie definitely a watch. Could have gone on to become a major hit if the second half had some better editing (The movie drags at times in the second half).

Another gem of a movie from the kitty of Naegsh Kuknoor. You would enjoy the movie, if you are the types who love seeing a little serious or off track movies. Surprisingly Ayesha Takia did put a good show, supported well by Shreyas & Gul.

Khosla ka Ghosla
This movie had some great reviews, but after seeing the movie I felt the movie had a great oppurtunity which has somehow gone wasted. It had a good story, some great actors.. and also has some funny moments. but certainly does not meets my expecations. An average movie which you can watch it you have some time over the weekend.

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