Sunday, July 20, 2008 - Online DVD rental in India - My Initial impressions

I finally decided to start with an online service for DVD rental. The neighborhood DVD rental store was too expensive with very limited collections. So just reviewed the internet for some options in India and shortlisted to the following options


As expected with BigFlix being a Reliance company poor customer service was the de-facto standard, and the same was confirmed by the reviews which i read online. I guess BigFlix with the kind of investment being put into it may become the cheapest option, but definitely not the best in terms of Customer Service.

Regarding SeventyMM i got mixed response for the same both from my friends and the reviews posted online. I was getting a good corporate deal with seventy mm, but still getting not a too positive feedback didn't help.

Finally came probably the oldest DVD rental company in India (looks like a couple of years old) and not the biggest (they are based out of Delhi but i guess serve in most of the country via TNT courier).  The reviews looked positive almost all over the net so I finally decided to give it a shot. I opted for the weekend plan (Currently available in NCR only) i.e. @Rs 249 i get to see eight DVD's a month and am able to borow 2 DVD's at a time making the cost at around Rs 31.25 per DVD, definitely not the cheapest but not too sky rocketing also. MY account was activated in an hour and the DVD's were delivered on that day itself.

So based on my two days experience with i really found their customer service to be worldclass (quite unlike any Indian company out there). in addition you can always expect prompt responses from their end and they always look eager to help the customer out. In addition they do have a decent collection of movies which definitely would keep me hooked on for the next few months.

Though it would be too early to make a judgement based on just 2 days with but it definitely has been a great start. Great Job for that. Keep it up . Would post my experience after about a month of movie watching with Hopefully they would be maintaining their standards.

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Bharat said...

Hi Vikram
Your assesment is right about Moviemart.I am using the service since last two years and they are consistant in their excellant customer service.Email replies are prompt,delivery boys are courteous and polite.In all a very satisfying experience which is difficult to find in bigger companies.Cheers