Friday, July 11, 2008

itunes Store finally accessible from India using Indian Credit Card/Billing Address

Just checked out the itunes store.. Its finally been launched for India. This is really awesome. It Rocks. You can now use an Indian Credit Card with an Indian billing address to finally buy the apps from the App Store (though music/movies etc. still don't seem to be available to Indian users).

The App store is up for itunes Store India. :-)

Though Apple App Store is Up.. 2.0 Firmware for Ipod Touch/Iphone Still not out. Unless we upgrade our existing ipod touch /iphone to firmware 2.0 we would be unable to launch/install the applications from the App Store in our ipod touch/iPhone.

At this point through to use the App Store first of all we need to upgrade to itunes 7.7 and then as we download any applications they get installed into the itunes. Just waiting for the firmware update so that we may actually be able to install the applications on the ipod touch/iphone.

Would update the blog as soon as I am able to update my ipod touch to the latest firmware (from the current 1.1.4).

Cheers.. and Enjoy


Amu said...

I am still unable to access the iTunes store..I am not sure if it is due to my office security firewall or something else?? Do let me know if you had to tweak things to get it to work for you and your comments on the iPod Touch..I am planning to get meself one of those...

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