Wednesday, August 20, 2008 really rocks !!!

If you are a Hindi music fan right from the oldies to latest albums is the place for you. In simple words you could call it as the google for Hindi music. It has got a clean simple interface in which you just enter the song / album name which you want to hear and voila it returns you a list of matching songs displayed googlish style.

Whats more - from within the list you get direct links for listening to the song without navigating away from the page, and the song gets added to your playlist. You could add multiple songs in your playlist and even save your playlist (for which i guess you need to register). Also phulki provides some pre-defined playlist which are also pretty neat.

In addition against some songs you also get a direct download link - not being a legal expert not sure if that might have been the right thing to do or not.

Overall its a pretty great experience and I would definitely recommend this song to all hindi movie buffs. Also if any of you could tell me what "phulki" actually means ? Check out


AG said...

Phulki just released search for Tamil songs as well. Give it a try!

Deepun said...
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Deepun said...

Hey Vicky, I really like Bollywood collection here. You can try out as well for all Firang numbers and can put your favs in your website.

Anonymous said...

Some updates from Phulki team.

Phulki is now available on Orkut. You can install the app by going to You can also use Phulki on your iPhone/iPod Touch. And last but not the least, we also recently enabled users to search for Playlists. Read all about it on

Phulki Team