Monday, July 07, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Movie Review - It Rocks...

There are meaningful movies and then there are those dull senseless movies. But there are movies in a third category which though not being meaningful do entertain a lot and that's what movies are meant for. Right ?

Jaane Tu Y a Jaane Na is a movie about six yongsters with the leads played by Jai(Imran) and Aditi (Genelia D Souza) and their friends . Everyone including their friends, Aditi's Parents (Anuradha Patel , Jayant Kirpralkar) , Jai's Mother (Ratna Pathak Shah) know Aditi and Jai are in love, but probably Aditi and Jai do not. To make things better or worse Jai and Aditi plan to find a perfact match for each other to prove that they don't actually love each other.

Jai finds Meghna as her love angle and Aditi is enganged with Sushant. But finally following a typical Hindi movie formula Jai and Aditi find that they are actually in love with the climax at the airport (now how many times have we actually seen that :-) )

Now inspite of having a typical Bollywood story and some sterotyped characters Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na still works for the fresh way in which the debutant director (Abbas Tyrewala) has presented the same. All the actors have put in a brilliant performance and Imran Khan is definitely a kid to watch out for. Actually he inherits quite a few of his Mamu's (Aamir Khan) talent. Some of the dialogues are really young and cool and make you split into laughter. The cameo of Naseruudin Shah as a dead person speaking from the frame of a picture (Similar to what happens in Hum Paanch) also adds to the humor element of the movie.

The strongest point of the movie though seems to be an astounding score by A.R. Rahman. Though a couple of songs (Jaana tu Jaana.. and JTYJN title song) have been left out of the movie partially but still the songs alongwith the adds to the overall mood the movie.

Finally full credit to Abbas Tyrelwala for churning out such a great enternainer though the storyline is cliched and the screenplay could have been a bit tighter. Go watch this movie. This one is surely not to be missed.

Rating 3.5/5

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