Monday, December 11, 2006

Gmail on mobile for me .. finally

Ever since I had activated Net on Phone for Airtel prepaid account, I was trying desperately to access gmail on my mobile unsuccessfully. From what I could figure out, currently gmail officially offers 2 ways of doing so
  1. Downloading the java app on your mobile from . This currently does not work on Net on Phone , as for this you would need to subscribe to Mobile Office.
  2. Pointing your mobile browser to . This for some strange reasons works very slowly or often does not works on my Airtel NOP. Could be the configuration of my handset (Nokia 6021) or some other problems.
On searching further I found an open source web based application called gmail-mobile ( which is not official Gmail web access but works smoothly on my mobile device and has a host of features. For this you need to have a web server, with PHP support. Again for this I took the help of another open source application which helped me to install Apache2, MySql5, PHP5 without any hiccups. I have installed this on my Windows XP box, running on a 256k DSL connection. This link may also help you solve out certain issues with 'Curl' if they arise

Thanks to all these open source packages, I am finally able to use gmail on my mobile... ;-)

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