Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Turn your Mobile in an PC.... Morange

After losing my brand new Nokia 5300 (cmon' it was only 4 months old) I finally settled for Nokia 6233 this time primarily because of it's stereo sound speakers, but honestly I wasn't too impressed, though the phone is not that bad. Now that Airtel in Delhi is providing GPRS/EDGE facilities even in prepaid mobile I started searching for some java based Google talk chat application for mobile which might work on my Nokia Series 40 v3 phone.

After googling for the same for a while I came across a java app called morange which as per them converts the mobile into a full fledged PC. At first I was apprehensive as I had not heard about this application and wasn't too sure whether it would be safe to install it on the mobile or not. On further searching I visited it's official site and it looked kind of genuine.

Morange installed pretty smoothly on the mobile and it supported both HTTP connection and socket connection from the mobile (At the moment I guess Airtel in Delhi is just providing HTTP connection for prepaid). The features in the application are great right from support for google talk, yahoo messenger, msn, RSS readers, en email client that works over a HTTP connection, remote file access program for accessing files from the computer and so on. The application comes in standard edition and VIP edition . Standard edition does offer most of the stuff and with some payment ( I guess its around $30 per year if I am not wrong, kindly check with the website for the correct rates) you could opt for the VIP services.

Two days after using Morange I would like to recommend it to all the people out there like me.. who would like to convert their mobile handsets in a full fledged PC. Visit for more details.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction, looks quite good, will try

Anonymous said...

thats good but how to buy its credits in india without credit card.
please help !