Thursday, February 01, 2007

Linux on a pen drive !!!

Hmm... so what have I got myself involved into now ? Linux on a pen drive!!! Actually while working on my Open Source Research paper, I came across a wonderful site http://www.pendrivelinux.comwhich basically has quite a good tutorials for installing full fledged Linux on USB Pen Drives starting from capacity of 128 MB.

This looked quite interesting to me, and the power of carrying your OS with you wherever you go sounded really good. Without wasting any time I ordered for a 2 GB Pen Drive(Transcend Jet V30) for about 1500 Rs from E-Bay, which surprisingly arrived in less than 36 hours at my place. Within a few minutes I was able to install Damn Small Linux (DSL) on my pen drive, which barely took about 60 MB disk space on my flash drive, leaving the rest for my file storage.

Tonight I am planning to install slax (Based on slackware Linux on the pen drive. If it works all I would need to do is just stick in the USB pen drive into a computer and make it boot through the pen drive instead of the hard disk... and vroom.. you would be able to enjoy Linux.... Now who says installing Linux is a tough task?????

Update 01 5th Feb 2007 - Managed to install Slax on the pen drive very smoothly and it works great. Also managed to save the settings on the USB drive (like adding users, other users preference etc.) . The best way to do so on your usb drive would be to write the following command
configsave /mnt/sdb1_removable/
where sdb1_removable is the name of your USB drive. After this is done everytime during startup and shutting down, it would ask for the loadig/saving the user settings for Linux.

(check out this link, it would give you the complete details of the same -

Kindly try all the above action mentioned above at your own risk. I would not be accountable for any data/hardware loss occurring due to following my suggestions/comments.

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